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About CSA's

Why Should Everyone Be A Member of a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It means the community helps the farmer by investing at the very beginning, helping to buy seed, hire help, choose sustainable and green growing practices and doing it in such a way that the farmer can even the playing field of being a small, often organic producer of local fruits and vegetables, tailored to their own community market.  CSA's are great - everyone wins!

With an organic CSA,  you not only get great food but you contribute directly to a healthy environment too.  This "added value" is one of the most important aspects of an organic CSA.  Not too long ago, pretty much every family farm in America was a small, sustainable, clean operation, but times have changed.  Farmland is vanishing at an incredible rate, with far reaching consequences for future generations.  We need to take positive action, now.  Local organic farmers are doing their best to bring back the old fashioned values that have sustained generations of healthy people.

Helping to conserve our options into the future through wise land stewardship is one of the best choices individuals can make on a daily basis.  So thank you for your support of sustainable, green growing practices and thank you for becoming a member of our CSA.


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