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What's In The Bag


Did you know that a strawberry is the only fruit with seeds on the outside?

All the fruits & vegetables listed on this site are ones we are offering in our CSA. What a big selection!

Sometimes it's confusing what a particular item is if you have never seen it before. 
Use this alphabetized seasonal snapshot to identify and appreciate the produce in your bags.  Every week you will get an email telling you what is in your bag.  If you don't recognize the name, cross reference your list here and learn what it looks like, how to prepare it and why it's good for you.

The nutritional information, history and links to recipes help you to get the most of what you find in your shiny bag of goodies every week.  Enjoy!


A           Anaheim Chiles           Ancho Chile Peppers     Apples

                     Artichokes         Arugula          Avocado

    Basil         Beans          Beets            Broccoli          Bok Choi

                      Broccoli Rabe             Brussel Sprouts             Butternut Squash

  Cauliflower      Cabbage      Celery       Chard                  

                       Cilantro      Collard Greens     Corn      Cucumbers

        Dandelion Greens         Dino Kale

E           Eggplant   Curly Endive

F              Fennel       Frisee

H           Habanero Peppers       Haricots Verts

J              Jalapeno Peppers

K              Kale            Kohlrabi

L                Leeks           Lettuce    

N             Napa Cabbage


O              Oranges

P              Peaches      Peppers       Plums    Pok Choy  
                      Potatoes      Pumpkins

R              Radicchio     Radishes     Russian Kale

S                Satsumas     Serrano Chiles    Snap Peas      Spaghetti Squash

                      Spinach         Strawberries          Summer Squash

             Tangelo          Tomato       Torpedo Beets

Z              Zucchini


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