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Thank you for stopping by!  Here at Los Osos Valley Organic Farm, we are passionately committed to bringing you the freshest, tastiest and best product we possibly can - and safeguarding Mother Earth while we do it.  All the fruits & vegetables listed on this site are ones we are offering in our CSA.  Wow! What a big selection!

If you are new to CSA's in general, please see About Us which will tell you all about going organic, supporting local farmers and introducing new generations to the importance of old fashioned, heirloom farming. 

Learning how to use new fresh produce adds nutritionally important seasonal variety to our diets.  Check out the "what's in the bag" pages and learn which one is which, why it's good for you, a little about its history and how to cook it.  Our newsletters will fill you in on what's arriving and get you ready to expand your menu to include new seasonal items.  You may just fall in love with a stranger - a new to you vegetable that is.

Be well, stay healthy and thank you for all you do to safeguard the future of sustainable farming and ranching in California.

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